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How many men does it take to turn a rocky and parched hill, spread over a few kilometres, into a lush green paradise that birds find irresistible? The answer is one. And this man from Srirangapatna (South India) has proved it....READ MORE
The Village with no locks or doors!
Imagine a village where homes have no front doors, shops are always left unlocked and locals never feel unsafe... ...READ MORE
the cleanest village in Asia

Mawlynnong claims to be the Cleanest Village in Asia. The road leading up to it has some of the most panoramic and breathtaking views in the country.....

Community Action Helped Revive 200 Acres of Deforested Land
From establishing a seed bank, to building and maintaing ponds, the many steps that helped revive the deforested Orans in Rajasthan... READ MORE
sustainable tourism in a tea estate bungalow saved indigenous tribes from starvation
Sometime in the early 1980s, when Indira Gandhi was the country’s prime minister, there was a human rights crisis brewing in the hills of Wayanad, Kerala. Wayanad, a tourist paradise, is home to a large number of adivasis or indigenous tribal people.... READ MORE
Live and Learn on Organic Farms While You Travel
The new buzz word in the world of travel, voluntourism is a concept that aims to combine people’s wanderlust with their desire to make a difference. India has several voluntourism organisations that offer diverse and pocket friendly opportunities for community service combined with eco-friendly vacations..... READ MORE
Sustainable Living and tourism implemented by one man to improve lives
Kalap is a small village with a population of around 500 people, located 200 kms from Dehradun (Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, North India) in the Tons river valley. The nearest road is an 11 km trek away, in Netwar.... READ MORE
Transforming the lives of tribal women through Lac
Socially excluded households from rural areas have very limited opportunities to improve their livelihoods. They are inhibited by their socio-economic status, their small and underproductive landholdings as well as the pronounced lack of systems that permit access to inputs, credit or market services.....
Block Printing in Bagru — Ancient traditions of printing
Bagru is known for natural dyes and hand block printing. Bagru is the place of Raiger and Chhipa community (Rajasthan, Western India).....READ MORE
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