CEO & Founder

Born and raised in Bangalore, Jayanthi in her early 40s, is a successful business entrepreneur and has travelled extensively globally for business purposes. She started her career by conducting several IT based training programmes for leading Corporate houses.

Her presentations in many forums and events pertaining to responsible tourism have received tremendous response. One of her presentations in ITB BERLIN, and in the World Tourism Symposium, Johannesburg (in association with UNWTO, IIPT, SKAL, WTTC, etc) got her a standing ovation. She also has done presentations in several events and recently in the largest sustainable living events (GREEN FESTIVALS EXPO) in USA.

After several years of researching in spirituality, she has now started conducting workshops in promoting ethical, peaceful living using ancient philosophical theories. She also talks about Environment protection and conducts presentations on socially inclusive living. She has done many presentations in international conferences on Karmas for Success, Open eyed meditation and detachment for Stress management etc.

She is also currently invited to do Stress management and responsible tourism workshops in ITB BERLIN. She also will be doing workshops in Greece. All India Radio is also planning a series of workshops on various topics.

She also is the founder of Eternal Energy Foundation, a non profit organisation that is run by volunteers to empower people with value-based thoughts and activities.

She is a member of various social organisations including the YWCA, Lioness and others. She is the India Representative of IIPT (International Institute of Peace through Tourism). She is also on the panel with various NGOs and self help organisations.

She has conducted various workshops in several schools (Modern school, Somerville International School etc), colleges, institutions, offices not only in India but also in several foreign travel shows. She specializes in “Character and Leadership Building at Grass root level”.

She also specializes in Karmic theories, Yogic healing and therapies especially for insomnia, stress and overworked fatigued minds.

She is also a vocal musician and has given several public performances. She has also performed in several TV/Radio programmes in channels like Pragya TV, Doordarshan, All India Radio, etc.

An author of several blogs, articles, she is currently authoring a book titled, “The 9 Hidden Gems”.

She is also actively involved with the plastic cow project in India, an activist movement to raise awareness on the dangers of plastic bags for the cows in general and environment at large.

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