We directly are in touch with stakeholders, leaders of the industry. We do direct marketing efforts like telecalling to create awareness.

A successful campaign that includes direct marketing and promotion. And social media campaigns.

We can integrate, map and draw up itineraries for a highly successful sustainable tourism campaign for your state.

We can advise on how to draw up collaterals that will be suitable for a successful campaign on promotion of sustainable tourism to your state.

We do aggressive social media campaigns using our website, twitter, linked in, facebook pages.

Sustainable tourism email campaigns (newsletters) to:

a. Industry leaders: We have an exclusive database of all industry leaders right from UNWTO officials, CEOs and Presidents of various international associations, CEOs, MDs of leading media houses, tour operation companies. Our newsletters are highly rated and open in any destination.

b. Tour operators (over 45,000): West Europe: UK, Germany, France, Austria, etc. and USA tour operators

c. Tour operators: Indian (both hard copy and soft copy)

Direct Calling (US, European tour operators)

a. Survey: A small telephonic survey can be undertaken to find out the level of awareness of the tour operator in relation to your state. A report will be provided to you that will give a clear picture as to the interests for the state and suggestions if any, provided by the tour operators.

b. Direct Marketing: A direct marketing effort will also be made where the tour operator will be told about the varied destinations of your state, using webinar, and/or telephonic or a face to face meeting.

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