Practicing the Age Old Vedic Concepts of Sustainable Development

Civilizations have changed, Emperors have gone, new era has been herald and in this wave of massive transformation, the pastoral community of Rajasthan (locally called Raika) still believe in old practices of livelihood inspired by the Vedic concept of sustainable development. They are specialized in camel breeding. They take pride in the fact that for them camel breeding is not just a source of livelihood, but is an ancestral asset passed down the generations.

They take care of their camel as their own child. Although camels are source of their income but as per tradition, they never market milk of their camel and usage of camel for mutton is entirely prohibited.

During the Rajput era, Raikas were given charge of livestock and forest area. They used to pasture their cattle only on the land granted to them by the Maharajas (king) and the feudal. They are also known for the sense of hospitality and serve guests warmly with all available means.

After the end of the British Raj, the policies of forest conservation have been changed and the Raikas lost their inherited rights to use the forest. In the world of modernization, they are fighting not for money, but for the preservation of their culture and to continue their way of living which they inherited from their ancestors.

Despite all the materialistic temptations and other hindrances that come their way, they have managed to create a sunstainable livelihood.


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