Solve the Age-Old Problems by Making Innovative Cookstoves

Vidya Rattan Sharma, a familiar name in Solan District of Himachal Pradesh, started his life journey as a cook. He worked with Sutra NGO, then Social Work Research Centre (SWRC), for 5 years while cooking meals for their employees in Rajasthan. His concern as well as love for making innovative cookstoves started from that time onwards. On finding out his passion for cookstoves, Sutra appointed him for the task of training local people to make Nadda Chulha that was innovated by the organization. Little did he know that it was the perfect start to his future!

Since 1991, his journey as a Founder Director of Society for Development and Environment Protection (DEEP) has been full of challenges.

Most of the problems that he faced came because of his low education background and lack of funds. There came times when he remained the only employee of DEEP Santhan, still he kept going with all his energy and determination. The result, today, is a number of successful products and programs in cookstoves, organic farming, traditional medicine and animal husbandry. Many of his techniques and programs have been adopted by governments of multiple states.

His most cherished innovation is the Modern DEEP Chulha that helps the users to not only improve fuel efficiency by as much as 50% but also boil water for bathing and cleaning purposes with the help of tanks placed on the sides of its walls.

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