Upliftment of Local Art and Culture

At the entrance of the staunch Rajput style fort, you may find women busy doing embroidery, pottery, weaving and block printing, this is a scene of Chandelao. All these activities were once at the verge of extinction and now are revitalized and patronized by the erstwhile feudal and present hotelier, Pradhuman Singh. Mr. Singh who is an avid lover of local Art and Craft took over the challenge to promote folk crafts using tourism.

Due to tough competition with the modern and industrially produced products, many artisans stopped practicing the traditional craft and in some cases, knowledge just disappeared!

As Pradhuman explains “It was very pathetic to see decay of local art and craft despite its uniqueness”.

He apportioned some revenues from his business to financially help these artisans by showcasing their art to tourists and also set up a centre to train these people. He collaborated with the locals and NGOs to provide training to women for a sustainable livelihood and also familiarized them with capacity building, local jobs linked with art and craft, marketing and sales.

Presently, group of more than 20 women are working at the centre and manufacturing traditional Rajasthani textile and handicraft items for both local and export market.

Just outside the Garh of Chandelao village you will find a building hosting the Arts and Craft project, “Sunder Rang”. Here the women of Chandelao is making the traditional Rajasthani handicraft.

The Chandelao product line includes embroidery, clothes, accessories, home wares, and cushions. The products are made keeping the traditional touch in mind and every pattern/design will have a story to tell you.

The finished products are displayed in the ‘Jhopadi’, a traditional Rajasthani hut which showcases the cultural and artistic diversity of true Rajasthan. By creating local jobs and providing a platform for nurturing and developing local cultural knowledge and traditional skills, the project has already rendered a good reputation in the village and in surrounding areas, and is generating much-needed income to the women and their families.

Besides the above, he is involved in various projects related to social upliftment of women and the upgradation of rural infrastructure at the nearby villages by providing basic amenties.

Pradhuman is serving true purpose of tourism by bridging heart of host and guest.


Website: http://www.chandelao.com/

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